Lisa Curry AO

Lisa will share her success and challenges as an elite athlete as well as her personal experiences as a coach, working mum, wife, author, public personality and health and fitness advocate, drawing on a lifetime of experiences to motivate and inspire.

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Sophie Delezio is smiling . Her dark hair is pulled back and she is wearing a black shirt. The background is a mustard yellow.

Sophie Delezio

Sophie Delezio was critically injured when a car crashed into her day-care centre. Her journey didn’t stop once leaving the hospital wards and her grit and determination then and now to live the fullest life is testament to her spirit.

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Candice Warner wears light coloured active wear. She has a determined expression and has blue boxing gloves around her neck.

Candice Warner

Elite athlete. Partner. Wife. Mother. From her beginnings as Australia’s youngest Ironwoman, Candice has risen to become one of Australian’s most loved sports and media stars.

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Chelsea Lyford

Chelsea Lyford is a Principal Lawyer and Team Leader in Coleman Greig’s Tax & Superannuation team. A specialist in tax law, Chelsea has more than 20 years’ experience in Australia and overseas.

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Therese Austin

Therese Austin is a Licensed Conveyancer in Coleman Greig’s Conveyancing team. With more than 35 years’ experience in property law, Therese is experienced in all aspects of property and conveyancing including leasing.

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Julianne Taverner

Julianne Taverner is a Special Counsel in Coleman Greig’s Employment Law & WHS team. She has more than 20 years’ experience in Employment Law and Administrative Law. She is an Accredited Specialist in Administrative Law.

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Elijah Cavallaro

Elijah Felix Cavallaro is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Wills & Estates  team. He has a genuine passion for providing clients with a positive experience when preparing their Wills and estate planning documents.

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Barbara Shafton

Barbara Shafton is a Conveyancing Manager in Coleman Greig’s Commercial Property team. She has over 20 years’ experience in the field, starting as a Junior Conveyancing Assistant in 1999 before gaining her qualifications as a licensed conveyancer in 2005.

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Leora Tius

Leora Tius is a Senior Associate in Coleman Greig’s Wills and Estates team. She has more than 10 years’ experience and holds a Master of Applied Laws with a major in both Estate Planning and Wills & Estates.

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Jack Bresnahan

Jack Bresnahan is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Tax and Superannuation team. He specialises in providing commercial tax advice, personal tax advice and not-for-profit tax advice.

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Saveen Mathews

aveen Mathews is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Tax and Superannuation team. Saveen is experienced in taxation of private business structures including Capital Gains Tax (CGT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), and superannuation and SMSF.

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John Bennett

John Bennett is a Special Counsel in Coleman Greig’s Commercial Advice team. He is an expert on the PPSA. John has documented various security agreements, achieved significant asset recoveries for secured parties, and helped insolvency practitioners resist PPSA claims.

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Rachael Hamilton, Family Law, wears a black jacket and top. She has loose, blonde hair, and wears glasses and a gold necklace.

Rachael Hamilton

Rachael Hamilton is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Family Law team. She enjoys working across all areas of family law, with a particular interest in alternative dispute resolution, de facto property matters, adoption and setting aside binding financial agreements.

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Michael Cantrall

Michael Cantrall is an Associate in Coleman Greig’s Family Law Team. Michael works across a suite of family law areas including binding financial agreements, de-facto relationships, child support, divorce and separation, parenting issues and property settlements.

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Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Commercial Law team. She specialises in providing clients with tailored Commercial Advice and contract reviews.

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Reba Maxwell dispute resolution

Reba Maxwell

Reba Maxwell is a Lawyer in Coleman Greig’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution team. Reba works across a broad range of commercial areas but has a particular interest in property disputes and disputes in the context of corporations law.

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Rebecca Watters

Rebecca Watters is an Associate in Coleman Greig’s Litigation & Dispute Resolution team. Rebecca has worked across a broad range of commercial areas and has a particular strength in commercial disputes/litigation.

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Abigail Forsyth

The co-founder and managing director of KeepCup, Abigail Forsyth is a leader in the global movement to inspire reduce.

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Victoria Quayle

Victoria Quayle is a Senior Associate in the Employment Law Team and has over 12 years’ experience in employment and commercial litigation, with skills to assist business to minimise their legal risks.

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