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Kanye West vs Lorde: Who owns the rights to the glass box?

Is it possible to claim the design of a glass box?  This question hit the music world earlier this month, when in early November 2018, soon after Kanye West and Kid Cudi performed their set at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival in LA, Grammy award winning New Zealand musician Lorde took to her Instagram account to accuse Kanye West and Kid Cudi of stealing her set design: a suspended glass box.  

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Padlock to represent computer security breach

Another tech giant privacy breach! Is your organisation protected?

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that Google had left users of their social media platform Google+ vulnerable following the discovery of a bug, which potentially exposed the data of over 500,000 users to 438 external applications. In turn, it has been announced that Google will be shutting the social media site down in August 2019.

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A Lesson In What Not To Do On Social Media: Elon Musk’s Recent Tweetscapades

Elon Musk recently found himself in hot water when his diving pod, which had been designed to rescue the 13 boys who had been trapped in a cave, was criticised for being unsuitable for the specific conditions of the rescue.  
Instead of agreeing to disagree, Musk fired back with a string of offensive and truly cringe-worthy tweets, insinuating that Vernon Unsworth, one of the cave divers, was a paedophile.

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Professional lawyer consulting spouses about legal documents

Who Can I Talk To About My Family Law Proceedings?

One incredibly important question to ask within the context of Family Law matters is whether there is anything wrong with providing people with information specifically relating to your Family Law matter. Section 121 of the Family Law Act answers this question in some detail.

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Small business owners

Are social media influencers still influencing us?

Whilst the use of social media influencers can be viewed as a more authentic alternative to those advertising avenues which companies have traditionally taken, many social media users have become frustrated with their feeds being littered with constant subtle advertising, and feel as though influencers have lost touch.

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Copyright concept with businesswoman using a tablet

H&M called out on social media for lifting Harvey Sutherland song without permission

Leading Swedish apparel brand H&M has yet again been caught up in social media controversy following an advertisement posted to the brand’s Instagram channel. It was just last month that the brand was forced to deal with their first ‘face-palm’ moment of 2018, when the online listing of one of their children’s hoodies was criticised by many for being racially insensitive – leading to H&M’s brand ambassador, The Weeknd, severing all ties with the company.

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Businesswoman hands using laptop with icon social media and social network.

Is Snapchat Right For Your Business?

Your business tweets terrifically, is on fire with Facebook and ingenious on Instagram but when it comes to Snapchat, you’re in the dark. So what is Snapchat, and should you be jumping on board?

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