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Keeping your business’ social media content fresh and relevant

With my favourite holiday behind us, I took the opportunity to see how some Australian organisations shared the love online this Valentine’s Day. 

Here’s who this (not so) secret admirer LOVED, and why:


It’s clear that the brilliant social media team behind Woolworths’ Facebook page hold a special place in my heart.  Woolworths are great at consistently delivering fresh (pardon the pun) and current content that perfectly aligns with their brand.  The witty captions inject a sense of personality and allow customers and online followers to connect with a brand that they may not otherwise find themselves engaging with.

NSW Police Force

Another campaign that I absolutely adored was from the meme-legends themselves, NSW Police Force.  NSW Police Force constantly strike the perfect balance of delivering serious messages in an effective and humorous manner – all at the same time.  Whether they’re mimicking funny SMS conversations, impersonating relationship statuses or simply jumping on the bandwagon of popular memes, NSW Police Force cut through newsfeeds and speak directly to the Australian youth. 

These messages are then cleverly coupled with issues that may typically be associated with youth, such as the incorrect displaying of P-Plates, texting-and-driving or failing to keep left unless overtaking.

After Pay

Another favourite of mine this Valentine’s Day was the clever play on words by AfterPay.  Changing ‘pay’ to ‘bae’ (slang for babe, sweetheart or any other pet name you may assign to your significant other) was a genius move by the brand!  The brand also stepped it up again by posting numerous memes that took relatable emotions such as disappointment on Valentine’s Day and turned them into an opportunity to engage with their online following.  The social media strategy of AfterPay this V-day was a great example of a business showing its empathetic and ‘human’ side.

So what do Woolworths, NSW Police Force and Afterbaepay have in common?

All three brands cleverly took a universal day and made it their own by injecting elements of their identities.  These organisations cleverly cut through newsfeeds and were able to show that businesses do have personality, and can join the discussion surrounding topical events.  In doing so, the organisations attracted love (or at least notable support) from their respective followings by being authentic, funny and topical. 

If you’re a business thinking about levelling up in the personality department – have a think about which holidays, events or festivities are approaching and consider whether these would be appropriate to align your brand with it.

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