Separation under one roof

Co-authored by Michael Kinsella Separating from your partner often involves significant social, financial and mental strain. In Australia, thanks to the high cost of living,

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I have separated – do I need to go to court?

Unfortunately, sometimes matters ending up in the Family Court is inevitable.  Parties can become so entrenched in their positions, or their views of what has occurred throughout the relationship may be so diametrically opposed, that it is impossible for them to meet in the middle.  However, in most matters that Coleman Greig deals with, there are ways in which compromises can be reached.  

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Is Time Ticking? Time limits in Family Law Matters

When two parties decide to separate, it is important to keep in mind that time is of the essence.  Both the Family Law Act and the associated court rules require strict adherence to certain time limitations, all of which are important for parties to a relationship breakdown to be aware of.

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Family Law in Western Sydney – A Snapshot

Penrith LGA is currently one of the hardest-hit areas in the state with regard to reports of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, Penrith is not alone in these numbers – with the neighbouring Blacktown area showing the highest number of domestic violence incidents in NSW: with 2083 in the year up until March 2017.

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