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A Millennial’s Dream: To Lease a House

The First Home Owner Grant has always been a topic of heated debate, whether it be in parliament, the media or at the family dinner table, although it is important to remember that there is a difference between this and the First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme.

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Downsizing: Honey, I shrunk the house!

Generally speaking, downsizers are homeowners looking to reap major profits from the sale of their properties, with the overarching goal being to spend that extra cash on the purchase of a smaller property with modern luxury fittings, as well as convenient access to both local attractions and high quality amenities.

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The AirBnB Reform Package – How Will it Affect You?

The NSW Government has proposed the Fair Trading Amendment (Short-term Rental Accommodation) Bill 2018 (Airbnb Reform Package). The introduction of the reform package aims to clarify whether an owner’s corporation can impose a by-law preventing short-term letting of a residential property.

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Strata Defects Regime Mandatory Requirements – What You Need to Know

The ‘Strata Defects Regime’ commenced on 1 January 2018. The regime now makes mandatory an interim and final inspection, as well as an interim and final report is to be conducted by an independent building inspector appointed by the developer – and a 2% building bond is payable by the developer in relation to any potential defects.

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Foreign Investment Review Board – What you need to know

Whilst some people tend to believe that a foreign person leasing a property for the purposes of commercial or industrial business will not require FIRB approval – this is not the case in circumstances where the land being leased is vacant/not yet developed.

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Is Your Lease Valid? Make Sure the Rent Review Provisions are Correct

When a tenant decides to exercise an option, the lease usually contains a mechanism for how their rent is to be determined, and once this is determined, would be payable from the start of the option lease…But what happens in situations where the rent review provisions are deemed void under the Retail Leases Act?

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