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CLE Seminar for Lawyers in Western Sydney

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Presented by Andrew Grima, Principal Lawyer

This session will cover a range of issues including make good (drafting to minimise disputes, negotiating and settling disputes), market reviews and options to renew (commercial leases vs Retail Leases Act), FIRB and Agreements for Lease, managing the risk of timing around relocation, and key provisions of Retail Leases Act.

The implications of getting it wrong
Presented by Shawn Skyring, Principal Lawyer

With the 4-yearly review of the modern awards drawing to a close, underpayment claims and court decisions now being a regular occurrence, and wage theft being a political issue, it’s important that your clients are across their award obligations, and take active steps to ensure compliance.  Award interpretation can be difficult and having systems in place to ensure compliance will go a long way to minimising risk.  This session will look at award coverage, the major changes to look out for in the awards, the main points of exposure for businesses on pay issues, and how to minimise the risks of the Fair Work Ombudsman, the union, or the employees coming after your client.

Presented by Karina Ralston, Accredited Specialist – Family Law

Binding Financial Agreements (BFAs) between couples are a legitimate way of trying to protect your clients’ assets and plan for their division in the event of a break-up, but how useful are they in the real world? This session will explore the reasons why you might suggest a BFA for a client and highlight some of the issues surrounding their application and interpretation.

Presented by Elizabeth Burnheim, Senior Associate

Any extended departure from Australia has the potential to change a person’s Australian (tax) residency status. With that change, the CGT K3 estate planning tax trap is set. Similar tax traps can also be set, including where charitable organisations, superannuation funds and the main residence are involved. This seminar will unpack the law around Australian (tax) residency (in an estate planning context), identify the CGT K3 estate planning tax trap, explore what other estate planning tax traps may be set, and outline ways to safely disarm them.


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3 March 2020 @ 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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