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Franchising vs Licensing: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

With the current climate, the terms ‘franchising’ and ‘franchise’ can often leave a bad taste in one’s mouth. As such, business owners looking to either expand or leverage a successful business in order to achieve further growth will often explore alternative models, such as licensing. While ‘franchising’ and ‘licensing’ may mistakenly be used interchangeably, they are two distinctly different concepts.

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Kanye West vs Lorde: Who owns the rights to the glass box?

Is it possible to claim the design of a glass box?  This question hit the music world earlier this month, when in early November 2018, soon after Kanye West and Kid Cudi performed their set at the Camp Flog Gnaw festival in LA, Grammy award winning New Zealand musician Lorde took to her Instagram account to accuse Kanye West and Kid Cudi of stealing her set design: a suspended glass box.  

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H&M called out on social media for lifting Harvey Sutherland song without permission

Leading Swedish apparel brand H&M has yet again been caught up in social media controversy following an advertisement posted to the brand’s Instagram channel. It was just last month that the brand was forced to deal with their first ‘face-palm’ moment of 2018, when the online listing of one of their children’s hoodies was criticised by many for being racially insensitive – leading to H&M’s brand ambassador, The Weeknd, severing all ties with the company.

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