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Is Time Ticking? Time limits in Family Law Matters

When two parties decide to separate, it is important to keep in mind that time is of the essence.  Both the Family Law Act and the associated court rules require strict adherence to certain time limitations, all of which are important for parties to a relationship breakdown to be aware of.

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Who Can I Talk To About My Family Law Proceedings?

One incredibly important question to ask within the context of Family Law matters is whether there is anything wrong with providing people with information specifically relating to your Family Law matter. Section 121 of the Family Law Act answers this question in some detail.

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What Does Same-Sex Marriage Mean for Property Proceedings?

In part two of our same-sex marriage blog posts, we discuss what same-sex marriage means for property proceedings. Overall, the introduction of same-sex marriage will see same-sex couples have greater access to legal protections surrounding both financial and parenting matters.

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Effect of Family Violence in Property Proceedings

Since being handed down on 27 February 2017, in the Full Court of the Family Court, the decision of Britt & Britt has had the potential to significantly impact the way that evidence in property matters, relating to family violence, is treated and therefore, how it’s admitted in evidence.

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