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Costs Orders: How do I get paid?

Principal/Director Caroline Hutchinson and Associate James Ferguson cover how costs orders are determined and assessed and what you can expect following the final hearing.

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What Does My Cost Order Mean?

In civil litigation, cost orders can be awarded at various stages of a proceeding. The wording of an order for costs is important and determines

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Payroll Tax Grouping Provisions

Grouping provisions under the Payroll Taxation Act 2007 (“the Act”) are often misunderstood. Some common misconceptions are that the grouping provisions only apply to employers

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Should I Mediate or Litigate my Dispute?

The uncertainty of litigation can be frustrating – as it is impossible to guarantee just what will happen, how long the case will take or how much it will cost.  Mediation, on the other hand, is an alternative dispute resolution process with the potential to resolve disputes quickly, affordably and with limited stress for the parties involved.  

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