Brendan Ryan


Brendan has a diverse and unique set of skills and experiences having started a career as a research scientist before commencing on a 13 year banking and finance career.

During his time with one of the big four banks Brendan was a member of their “Future leaders program” enabling Brendan to build an extensive and diverse set of experiences at the highest level including strategic planning, project management, leadership, operations, risk management, financial management and sales and marketing.

Having also worked in Australia, New Zealand, UK, the Middle East and throughout the Pacific region and having dealt with many industries, Brendan is able to bring a wealth of experience into almost any situation. This diverse set of experiences, education, business skills, technical and research strengths and an easygoing, approachable nature made the transition into business consulting an obvious choice. Brendan formed his own consulting firm in 2011 before joining forces with dVT Consulting in 2014. Brendan’s consulting clients have included one of Australia’s largest independent environmental consulting firms, a top 10 accounting firm and numerous SME businesses.

With a very down to earth and practical approach Brendan is motivated by the success of his clients and the results he achieves for his clients are testimony to this approach.

Brendan holds a M.Sc (Hons) degree and a MBA.

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