Wills and Estate Planning

Plain English Guide to Special Disability Trusts

For parents or family members of individuals affected by disability, the question of who will look after that individual when they are gone is often a difficult one. In some instances, a Special Disability Trust (either set up by a trust deed or under the provisions of a will) may be the most appropriate tool to provide for that person into the future.

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Plain English Guide to Enduring Guardianship

We all prefer to decide for ourselves where we live, who we see, which doctor we go to, what medical treatment we will receive and what services we will have. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Every day people are involved in accidents or become sick. Sometimes this can lead to them being unable to make decisions for themselves.

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Plain English Guide to Estate Planning

The aim of Estate Planning is to ensure ongoing financial security for you and your spouse during your lifetimes; and to secure a cost effective and seamless transition to your nominated beneficiaries after your death in such a way as to maximise the value of your estate.

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Plain English Guide to Power of Attorney

This Plain English Guide answers some of the more commonly asked questions about granting Power of Attorney, but remember that your lawyer is available to answer any other questions or provide advice when you need it.

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Plain English Guide to Making a Will

Making a Will is an essential step in ensuring that your assets pass to the people that you choose. A Will is a legal document that appoints your personal legal representative (your “Executor”) upon your death and names the people that you want to receive the property and possessions you own at the date of your death.

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