PPSA Essentials

Join us for this highly practical and relevant webinar where we will provide you with the essentials for understanding PPSA – from what constitutes a security agreement, through to perfecting a security interest and fending off potential challenges to your interests. Our expert PPSA lawyer and Principal/Director, Rebecca Hegarty, will provide not only practical tips and strategies to effect and maintain a valid PPSA registration, but will help you to understand potential issues that can arise and how to prevent them.
What will be covered?

  • types of security interests
  • what constitutes an effective security agreement
  • essential time-frames for PPS registrations
  • setting up Secured Party Groups (SPGs)
  • working out which collateral class your secured collateral falls into
  • steps to enforce your security interest
  • tips and traps that may invalidate your security interest or threaten its priority

What are the learning outcomes?

  • to identify what in their business dealings may give rise to a security interest in their favour
  • to understand how to effect a PPS registration
  • to recognise what constitutes defects in a PPS registration and understand what are the threats to a registration’s validity

Who should attend?
All managers and staff who are required to effect PPS registrations will benefit from attending this webinar. It will provide an overview of the key issues involved in the PPS process and what you will need to be aware of to gain the maximum benefit from taking a security interest from your customers.
Your Questions Answered

Email us your questions and we will endeavour to answer them during the course of the webinar.

Can’t attend? Please click here if you would like to access a recording of the webinar.

Event details




December 10, 2021


12:30 pm AEDT



The Presenters

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