COVID Conversations: Navigating the Business Landscape

The last 6 weeks have seen an enormous degree of change for businesses across the board.  From the Federal Government’s economic stimulus packages through to JobKeeper and the Fair Work Act, the National Code of Conduct for retail and commercial leasing to changes in the insolvency laws, many organisations are struggling to navigate these unchartered waters.

To assist our clients and network of advisers, we will be bringing together a panel of experts from our commercial advice, employment law, property and tax teams who will provide a practical insight into the issues that businesses are facing right now in dealing with all this change.

Our ‘COVID Conversations’ webinars will be held regularly over the coming months and will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about the particular issues you are facing and access expert insights from our experienced lawyers.

Our first COVID Conversations webinar will be hosted by Coleman Greig’s Team Leader, Commercial Advice Rebecca Hegarty.  Rebecca will be joined by Andrew Grima and Shawn Skyring who will cover the following:

  • Terms & conditions and contracts – how a careful review can assist businesses with a whole range of issues
  • Financial pressures – managing cash flow, insolvency risks, directors duties and safe harbour
  • Leasing premises – what are some of the arrangements being put in place by landlords and tenants under the National Code of Conduct
  • Employment issues – how is JobKeeper being implemented and what are some examples of how businesses are adapting their workforces
  • Tax planning – how can businesses plan ahead to optimise the opportunities currently afforded by the Federal and State governments

Event details




May 6, 2020


12:00 pm AEDT



The Presenters

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